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The Italy based giant manufacturers of cement constructed a building in Shanghai, China with transparent cement, the building permits day light in to the building so saving electricity in the daylight.
They are people who bluff others by claiming whoever believe their religion will be definitely awarded with a place in heaven. It is not our business to stop them. But when they go round telling lies, they are also running down the other religions.
Who do you think indoctrinated this young Chinese to hate the country where his father came from?
A Shanghai bases designer E Square crafted Keyboard coffee cups, symbols are printed on the bottom.
It is difficulty to find a suitable girl or boy to marry, when it is difficult to people who are earning money having with 4 year degree, what about the persons does not have these qualifications
An 37 years old person from Xiangtan , central Hunan province of China, constructed plastic bottle boat up to 1000 kilometers and attended World expo at Shanghai
Now a days more countries are wishing to boost biotech industry, for food safety and energy concervation.
The Sikhs were brought to Shanghai by the British after the defeat of China in the Opium wars. They were part of the Shanghai Police
15 facts about the Asian Country, China which you may or may not have known.
Who is your favourite character in Indiana Jones?Among all the memorable characters, who would you love to see again in the Indiana JOnes' series?
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao announced that his government will take measures to contain inflation but did not say whether it will be a rise in interest rates.
Closing on the rise for European shares in a context that remains uncertain in the issue of aid to Ireland
This article explores the different museums in Shanghai.
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