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There is ecstasy in our scientific progress but also the agony from those bent upon torpedoing the common boat of humanity and creation. The majority has to speak out in no uncertain terms to defend our turf and my posts mostly highlight the dangers of our tacit acceptance of few sett...
We are now in much safer, saner ground than during earlier times. However, the challenges never cease; they are now in perfecting, refining, our systems.
We allow few to decide our fate and destiny. Their ego and emotions trump reason. That means we are yet to realize the fruits of a shared journey and our limitless potential. History repeats itself when we fail to stand by logic and reason.
We have the tools to make our journey a truly shared one. For that, the basics that bound us one from immemorial like give and take, compassion, share and care will lead to unity and progress without borders. We will then leave a lasting legacy for humanity.
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