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Islamic law is weighted in favour of man and needs change. The world led by USA must act
The Indian constitution directs the state to enact a common civil code for all communities. Unfortinately vote bank politics have contributed to one section of Indians being denied the fruit of freedom and democracy
Islamic law is applicable in India in personal matters. The governing principle is the Sharia. Death bed wills and actions are recognised in Islamic law
Muslim personal law allows 4 wives and triple talaq. There is a need to revise this to help Muslim women whoare docile and scared.
The Muslims conquered and ruled India with a iron hand. They converted many to Islam. Moslem rule ended with their overthrow by the English.
The English legal system was once the finest in the world, but not anymore.
Sharia Law is not needed in America nor in any other free world.
In India personal Muslim law including marriage and divorce is covered by the Shariat. However the British with the help of Muslim scholars enacted the Dissolution of Muslim marriages act 1939, with a view to codify and help Muslim women in getting their rights in a male dominated Mus...
Pakistan is inexorably continuing its slide downward to a theocratic state dominated by Wahhabi elements. For the sake of Pakistan this needs to be stopped
The harem was an imported concept from Turkey and Arabia. It was a form of seclusion for the multiple wives of the rulers.
If the 30% of the world population becomes Muslim by 2025, then much of the business conduction will have direct or indirect dealings with the Sharia. Therefore, it is very important for the business world to have some understanding of what Sharia is. Sharia is the Islamic law; its ma...
Fakhra Yunnas was a victim of an acid attack by her husband in Pakistan. Disheartened she committed suicide a few days back in Rome.
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