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The Yardstick of Creation! A Compulsive Disorder Which Stretches Throughout Religions and Centuries
Molly, Milly and the family are going back to the house after a busy morning on the beach. Dad was tired from playing in the volleyball tournament and mom and the kids had spent the morning swimming and building sandcastles. Molly had been a spectator at the Dad's game and Milly had ...
Molly and Milly have arrived in Carolina Beach for a summer of fun and relaxation. Today is the Volleyball tournament and Dad's signed up to play. Molly's a little concerned about the sharks because she doesn't think she's big enough to fight them off.
This little poem tells you what exist around you, but you may not wish to see or may be too busy making a living to spend time thinking about the issues.
Sharks attack people and objects are often men than women. And white shark is "teenagers" caused many deaths around the world.
This piece is an perfect example of the peace, beauty and enjoyment you can experience in South Florida's most remote and pristine areas. And also how "You just never know what might just happen!!! Enjoy! Only the best, Dan
Why Great White sharks have are one of natures most valuable assets.
Some people donate lots of money without knowing that it is the cheats who take care of whatever they have donated.
The article talks about how family friendly Las Vegas is, despite its reputation as Sin City. It offers specific things to do and see.
A 27 years old pet lover Ocean Ramsey likes dangerous white sharks, she also said they are not that much danger as shown in videos and pictures and she wish a reason to preserve them
The Allure of the Seas is an amazing cruise ship. Here are a few tips for sailing on this modern marvel.
The article speaks about the beauty of Radhanagar Beach.
A look at the largest non-continental Island in the world, Greenland and what it has to offer.
The annual Natal Sardine Run is more than numerous glistening shoals of sardines moving up the coast. It involves and affects many other different marine animals and can be witnessed from the shore, the sea the air and from below the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean.
sometimes, will fall in love because we are human. how do you know she is the right one and not just playing along to rip you off? there are signs if only you are ready to look. though gold diggers are always smart, but they cant hide forever
hi my day swimming with dolphins in Mexico ,and my time in the shark pool
Man-up and grab some aspirin before you shop for a new computer.
SCUBA stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus and it is no more complicated then that. Recreational divers breathe air that has been filtered to remove impurities and then compressed into the cylinder. Here are a few questions answered that you may have.
This is an excerpt from longer story, written in first person. To give you the reader more information in a short space. If you are interested in Nika, and her adventures, please write a comment.
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