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The times we are living now makes U sit back and wonder- Is there something wrong here? is is supposed to go like this? Another Poem in my late night/Early morning Ranting series.
Its late and despite my best efforts, I am unable to sleep. So here I am writing some stuff just to kill some time and so that I can fall asleep.
A poem dedicated to love and couples in love. Howsoever different they may be, they all share something in common- love for the other and desire to be together
I recently Published my 100th Page on Wikinut. But as new articles are published, the old articles keep getting lost into oblivion. This is second article on my series to bring back my old articles.
i Recently Completed 100 pages. But as New pages come up. Old ones keep getting lost in oblivion. To bring them back from dead, here is list of all my Poetry on Wikinut
The Latest Nokia Lumia Phone features some technologies never seen before on a Mobile phone including Pure View Technology having OIS. But is it So? Or is Nokia Lying to its Customers. Check out the complete Review and the truth behind The Pure View Technology.
Love is an unrealizable promise. We all have been promised our soul mates. But can we find them in this crowd of 6 billion people. Another set of Random Rantings
Reunions are known for bringing back lost love. A story about a perfect made for each other couple who drift away and meet again @ Reunion. Is there a chance of love or has love died Completely!
A random column with lines that comes from an unrestricted psychedelic state of mind.
Why wont they ever listen? There's something I need to say. A Poem about a man who has no one to talk to and writes sorrowful Lyrics
Love is an unrealizable promise made by the future which is more unpredictable than the future itself. A Dark Poetry
Black belt - a rare and precious award, handed to true Wikinut ninjas. Finally i can say that i am a true Wikinut Ninja
Love causes Pain and Pain is what makes loves. A really Dark Romantic Poem combining love and Pain
A poem depicting the tale of a brave warrior through his journey
Honestly, I don’t have anything to write today. My brain is clean dry, empty. So I’ll list some things that I hate but at the same time glad that am a part of that.
I always wonder what would my wikinut profile containing all my Pages would be if it were to be a person. A Piece dedicated to the personality of my wikinut Profile
The Odessa File is a thriller by Frederick Forsyth, first published in 1972, about the adventures of a young German reporter attempting to discover the location of a former SS concentration-camp commander.
A short story about a Prisoner who is imprisoned without any food or water for days. A Story of a mother who went to search food for her children but got imprisoned.
A dark poem about love, losing love and aftermath.Read it to feel your dark side
Love=Pain. But Love without Pain is no love. A Dark Poem about Love
We live in a world face with all kinds of evil. Does the existence of evil in the world revolves around free will. God values it so much that even the existence of evil caused by free will is better than an absence of evil and an absence of free will. Or as some movies have shown God ...
Living a perfect life in a small town. Moving to a big city can be a daunting task taking its toll. A story of perfect couple moving to a big city where Husband supposedly cheats on the wife and wife decides to take revenge.But what is the truth really?
Crow and the Cuckoo- The Eternal Rivalry. No one knows when did it began and the reason for it. A Poetry explaining this Rivalry
Life today is full of opportunities, through technology, we can almost do whatever we want and wherever we want. Our homes are filled with the worldly richness, we strive to create new challenges with our careers to create a better everyday life. But is all this worthwhile? Have you e...
Autumn - the season of love. A Poem about love in the beautiful season
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