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Its late and despite my best efforts, I am unable to sleep. So here I am writing some stuff just to kill some time and so that I can fall asleep.
A poem dedicated to love and couples in love. Howsoever different they may be, they all share something in common- love for the other and desire to be together
i Recently Completed 100 pages. But as New pages come up. Old ones keep getting lost in oblivion. To bring them back from dead, here is list of all my Poetry on Wikinut
Love is an unrealizable promise. We all have been promised our soul mates. But can we find them in this crowd of 6 billion people. Another set of Random Rantings
Reunions are known for bringing back lost love. A story about a perfect made for each other couple who drift away and meet again @ Reunion. Is there a chance of love or has love died Completely!
Life is Magic and horror. It’s walking to the edge and being led back, and then again your head starts to reel with the memory of it. A collection of Random Rantings and Poems
A dark poem about love, losing love and aftermath.Read it to feel your dark side
Life today is full of opportunities, through technology, we can almost do whatever we want and wherever we want. Our homes are filled with the worldly richness, we strive to create new challenges with our careers to create a better everyday life. But is all this worthwhile? Have you e...
Love can make you soar with happiness. Or love can leave you sore with sorrow. Sometimes love can leave you heartbroken. Even though you are surrounded by a crowd you still fell like you are walking alone. Alienated from the world outside, you live in the cocoon of your solitude, wher...
It is said that nothing hurts more like love. Pain is felt most when caused by the one you love. A Sad and dark Poem filled with Pain.
You will never understand what pain really is until you have lost Love. If you love someone with everything you have and more and they betray you, you are no longer alive. A Poem describing the pain of love lost by writing own Epitaph.
Love is often painful but the most painful is repeated pain caused by having your love around. A Sad poem.
Life has many tricks up her sleeve. just when you thought everything's gonna be fine, life does a 180 flip. A Poem about life in the bitter sweet world.
A Poem about Pain in Love and how to overcome it Defeat- accepted Deceit- accepted You- rejected..finally..
A Romantic poem with a little twist. It is about two lovers listening to their favorite song and looking in each other's eyes. There always comes a time in one's life, when one is surrounded by heaps of problems; but when u look into the eyes of a beloved person, u'll always find hope...
A Poem about a Love and a lover who dies and becomes guardian Angel. A sad poem depicting true love through two phases- yesterday and today
Story of a man who lost his love for money and is now alone
Another Random Poem. About Balances in life and problems faced..
A short poem about love, differences in love and sadness in love.
a poem about getting the last letter from Ur love..
There often comes a time when you cannot say a word, all you have is silence, But can this silence cure you?
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