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Father stops at the gas station to fill up his Jeep. Some time ago, the Jeep that long ago used to be Mother's, that they sold to Elize and her husband, came back to Father when Elize and her husband sold it back to them again.
Shell, facing insurmountable problems in the Arctic Ocean, has suspended its drilling operations there.
A man fighting a trench war in the Great War has had all he can take. Shell shocked into deep depression he climbs out of his trench and walks to his death.
If you’ve ever walked along a beach, you’ve probably seen a seashell lying on the sand where it has been washed in by the waves. The shell will never always be empty, for it is the home of some sea animal that has died.
This is a provocative tribute to future possibilties in romance and relationship.
Pearls are different from gemstones in many ways. For example, pearls come from beneath water, whereas gemstones come from beneath the earth.
Well, it had to come...that moment when the day finally arrives and you are suddenly another year older than you were...and you begin a whole new decade...Yes, folks, yours truly, turned 50 this week..And Life Is Great!
A short guide to housing and feeding your Russian tortoise.
Have you ever appreciated the wrinkled shell of a walnut? I do. In fact, I love the shell for its form and texture more than I do the delicious nut it contains.
You are probably worried of what to give to your kids for them to take care of as a pet and that will never harm them. Easy to maintain. Fun and interesting colorful designs. Have a few of the hermit crabs available from any pet store near you.
Charles Nelson Pogue's 200 miles per gallon carburetor was a myth but Albert Jacobs 200+ MPG Aerocycle is a reality. Is there an Aerocycle in your future.
In My Sea Heart, You will remain there, the cold breeze, wind coming to shape me more and more, feelings coming to me, day by day
WinUtilities is the ultimate program that helps you control all the programs that are running on your PC
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