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This on eating sunflower seeds starts a series of articles on curiosities round the world, starting in Spain.
So much for us to enjoy in this earthly paradise if we will honour what we have and take loving care of journey through and find a way to love it all...I dedicate this to Nikki Ferry who shared her awesome photographs with me..
There will always be someone whose ego is flaunted far above the crowd..but birds and bees and animals and trees will win in the battle for supremacy...they spiral up...most people spiral down...
There are memories that we can recall , that maybe we would prefer not to ... how nice it would be for the bad ones to be washed away ......and only the good remain .......
A recipe for a super simple but delicious macaroni and cheese that is sure to please the whole family.
A man fighting a trench war in the Great War has had all he can take. Shell shocked into deep depression he climbs out of his trench and walks to his death.
About a brave foot soldier that lived for years in the trenches during the great war, he was a man of courage a man who cared.
A poem about a collection of sea shells and what they represent to me.
Shrimp shells could accelerate the production of fuel. This was revealed in the results of research done by scientists.
Two small boys pick up live ammunition from a military training area, including two bombs, which they put on a bonfire to see what will happen.
When the number of protons and electrons are equal, the atom is balance. Neutrons in an atom has no charge and vary in numbers.
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