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Martine Jadotte, founder, President and CEO has dreamed of creating better lives for children who are not as fortunate to a family or access to life’s most basic necessities since her childhood.
I stumbled on a dream, Of Black feathers and poetry;
Aim to be part of this 10% as Bill Molisson says to become a bit independent from the system, because food and shelter is a prime necessity for everyone.
Here is a story of cats and prisoners help each other.
Stay at home if you have to and enjoy it as much as you can, because others aren't fortunate to have a place to call it home.
Kids are the most important phase in life .They are the precious gifts of god.They do not know their circumstances and they have no knowledge of their existence .At this juncture it is the parents who takes over the responsibility of the kids.
Like Charlie Brown and his friends, Mafalda is a lovable character created by Quino that tells us many truths about life and our daily living.
The love between a boy and the house in which he grew up lasts a lifetime.
Llamas and Alpacas use to be rare and expensive outside their native South America, but now their price has dropped and pretty much anyone with some land can keep them as pets. Llamas and Alpacas are often used to guard sheep and goats. Knowing how to look after them is important.
Due to heavy cold storm in Sanlurfa province of Turkey, Four Donkeys could not manage shelter in the storm. They are Frozen condition, but some villagers provide and saved the donkeys in the storm.
Individual can survive without food for weeks. Some people have fasted for forty or fifty days. You can get along without water for days but you cannot get along for more than a few minutes without breathing. It is a proof how important your lungs are to you. Most people just take the...
Article with tips on hwo to construct durable and safe shelter while camping.
This poem proclaims the depth and breadth of love and the shelter it provide - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
What is a peafowl, how to raise peafowl, what do peacocks eat? Learn about the basic care of peafowl, which are beautiful ornamental birds from India and south Asia.
A few homes are passed down in families, sheltering generations throughout the years. Sometimes we become bored staying at home, but when we're gone away for a while, we are anxious to return. There is no place like home.
A trend that may be a revolutionary one, but I'm afraid they won't let it prosper.
In general, most of us tend to think of our bodies and minds as separate entities and believe they function, for the most part, independently. Yet instinctively we know that is not the whole story. The poem is based on this theme. WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
A conversational piece about better protecting school children from violent storms such as tornadoes by building underground shelters in schools.
New Shelter thriller deals with multiple personalities and danger.
The old man sits huddled inside a doorway whilst the wind and rain lash down, but does anyone care? Read on to find out more. :
So if the world is in a shift I do hope some minds get shifted for the better..
A short poem, and true story about a horse called Lena.
Let’s take an inside look into my personal experience with the adoption of two forever buddies and their enrichment to our family.
Shelter animals are like diamonds in the rough- all they need is a caring family willing to provide consistent training and love, to make them sparkle again. What are the benefits?
Did you hear about the kitten, named Scruffy, that was euthanized in an Arizona animal shelter just before Christmas, 2011, because his owner did not have enough money to pay a veterinary bill? This sort of thing happens a lot. Perhaps you can change the law.
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