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Ideology in daily life often arises out of a need to find patterns and meaning out of the seemingly random complexities of the world. The characters and methods of detective novels can help us understand the role that ideology plays in our own lives.
Recap of the 2014 Prime Time Emmy Awards including a complete winners list.
For the Sherlock Holmes purest, the new BBC series "Sherlock" may have been hard to fathom at first glance; however, as a purist myself, this is the best portrayal of Sherlock Holmes and his man Watson to date, in my humble opinion.
A brief history of the world's first consulting detective
With Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and Martin Freeman as Watson, this incarnation of the well-loved Sherlock Holmes is set in Modern London while staying true to the character and personality of the fictional detective.
This is my review of the new Sherlock Holmes on BBC
what would happen if it was Guy Ritchie, it was London and it was 1895......
Wondering whether to see the new Sherlock Holmes? Find out if it's worth watching.
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