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All sites like all human existences must cease one day but naturally We all come only to GO
grandchildren sometime is a joy and sometimes it don't worry but most of all it's a blessing
Nowadays it has become a widespread fashion to wear clothing with pictures of Hindu Deities and symbols. However we need to understand that, every Dharmik symbol and deity is associated with divinity and is something which is revered. Hence the symbols and Deities should be treated wi...
The color of the flag is mostly woven into the shirts of the different teams.
This is a poem designed to present the subject in different fashion!
A pleasant morning walk to work turned into a chilling encounter with a steel-bar armed maniac.
A look at the amazing Hemp plant read on to find out just how versatile this incredible plant is....
This very polished and professional outfit is for a take charge, assertive woman to wear. Wear this outfit when you have a very important meeting in front of the Board of Directors or are putting together a presentation to bring in new clients for your business.
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