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On August 26, 2015, television journalists were killed during a live broadcast in Virginia.
A young white male walks into a historically-black church in Charleston, South Carolina, prays for an hour and then opens fire, killing at least 9 people. Is this the plot of a poorly conceived Hollywood movie, or real-life? What it really is, is the story of racism in America that ha...
An account of the shooting of Walter Scott by North Charlston police officer Michael Slager.
This series will deal with some of the questions and answers concerning why some people become lone gunmen and take it upon themselves to go out and shoot innocent school children or college and university students.
An essay about, "Hands up, don't shoot!" and the recent attempted assassination of two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri.
Sometimes real life dramas turn into stories with a happy ending and a message to be learned. Ponder the thoughts given here with a smile.
The horrors and truth about school shootings. Inside of the mind of a lost soul.
The latest shooting in Nevada shows that no matter what the cause of publicized violent incidents, the media coverage only fuels the fire.
Four tragic shootings all took place in Omaha,Nebraska. A suspect was targeting one victim but ended up on a violent shooting spree. Which left lives lost and critically injured as well. Streak of violence from shootings and killing seems to spread like a deadly toxic poison. Thi...
This is a short story about a writer who is writing a novel. He refuses to believe in anything interesting or sudden and is sure that everything is a part of a system. But when a thief crashes his house and tries to take him hostage, his view of life is changed as the improbable seems...
I have been accused of being a gun nut, someone who loves his or her guns. Perhaps there is more than just a little truth in that accusation because I really do love my guns. Guns and shooting have been two of my lifelong passions. There is some things that I love even more than my gu...
A night of fun in Denver turns to murder as a police officer loses her life after being shot. Another terrible tragedy for the law enforcement families.
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