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Your achievements in this life, however extraordinary they may be, will not last the inescapable ravages of eternity. Everything is destined to be destroyed in a manner as if those never existed.
it is the Venice of the east. the blue sea adorned the land and lull it always in its passionate waves. in my childhood the sea was honoured with a bridge made of cast iron. but now it is ruined and decanted a painful memory
so many times we wait at side of shore for something...not really know what it is...this is a metaphor of aspects of life..some to be taken seriously...some not...your choice always....ha!
People meet and then have to leave. Do you think there is a reason for their meeting?
this is a love poem where you can realize how love twist with nature. Nature is the source of love and we went back to nature when we felt to realize love the only commitment where we stand forever without any cause.
Regions devoid of writing and poetry may be rich, but is barren in a way.Noble thoughts and words live on beyond the times.
March is finally here and with it our hopes look toward Spring. Yet here in Maine the extreme cold of this year's winter still has its mighty hold...
I recently read a very interesting page by one of my friends here on wikinut. He asked for feedback so below I write about the over abundant use of commas that so many people nowadays use in their writing. But there is more too....enjoy
This island was destroyed by a hurricane in 1856. This island was a popular pleasure resort that was located southwest of New Orleans on the south shore of the state of Louisiana.
How sure are you of the shore, or seeing the sea? Well a bare bear is something to contemplate as is a boy with a buoy bobbing up and down in the sea. Truth is there are some amazing words available to us and we should use them wisely and these homophones will allow you to make rhyme,...
These small, yellow, rubber toy which usually seen enduring a quick journey around the bathtub have unexpectedly revolutionized mankind of the ocean's knowledge.
With October comes a longing to return home, and once again be warmed by the subliminal hearth...
This is a small poem on the beauty of a sand beach. A beautiful sea shore, in its elegant running waves and smooth touch, easy care landscaping, and a wonderfully natural ambiance...walk in your own sandy beach sides for a morning or evening joy. - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Twilight on a June night, the woodlands leaves whisper in the breeze. The sun sets over the forest. By the shore dusk's soft colors paint the evening sky...
Each sunset by the seaside never fails to bring a sense of great comfort and home to me....
Come share with me the mystery of the sea in that time of beauty called dusk.
At low tide the ocean and horizon seem to become one and infinite....
The memories and love of grandparents last a lifetime...
Ever listen to the cries of seagulls while you’re near or on the shore? Very comforting!
Across the shore, were scattered lights, blinking like to expend, desolated flames, A strange, spiritual poem
A beautiful reminder of the fragile beauty of life itself; softly the evening melds into the sea and the darkness of night.
July for me is a summer memory, made of dreams and butterfly wings...
The heat of July offers a perfect day to enjoy the beach.
This life ain't no bed of roses. It is as rocky as it can be.
A short poem about being at the seaside in the summer when lots of people take their holidays.
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