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During my time working retail I had plenty of time to think on random subjects and stories. Here they are in poem form. Short and sweet.
This is a page of poetry. It is written in different forms of poetry. Some are short, some are long. Life often pushes us into a corner. We must see that the sun is still shining on us there too. Cheer yourself up by either reading or writing some poetry. Let some more light into som...
Four Romantic Poems : Short Poetic Bliss On A Week Night To Be Read Anytime. I begin with a historical glimpse of the rose as a lover's offering.
These are a small collection of my short poems. I do hope you will like them.
The lonely man on the moon, and his wants of something different.
Well Varunas in for it once again. Will she ever learn or will the Vase of Vanquish be her end?
Well Varunas up to mischief once again. But will Miss Pickles put her in her place?
What treats will be found at Camys Crimson Cottage of Confections, read and find out.
What great fun there is to be had at The Festive Fall Frankfurter Fest.
Will Purely Pompous Port make it through the pummeling of the Pirates?
Story about one lost sole that sits and waits for her loved one.
A collection of poems by Lorenzo A. Fernandez, Jr., aka Lorenz
A collection of poems by Lorenzo A. Fernandez, Jr., aka Lorenz
A collection of poems by Lorenzo A. Fernandez, Jr., aka Lorenz.
Another 2 of my weather poems! The Sun was out and I wanted to share my fun
This is a poem requesting the public at large to compose smaller poems as no one reads long ones now a days so much time none have not even jobless like me.
Reunions are known for bringing back lost love. A story about a perfect made for each other couple who drift away and meet again @ Reunion. Is there a chance of love or has love died Completely!
I try to be happy always .Be happy and pleasant is my motto .A poem should communicative with its readers at the first reading itself .so i write always simple poems .Hi readers i think you would like this simple poem .thank you for reading .jk
love ,a word that is very difficult to define .here i try to define it in a very simple way .a very simple poem .i think you would like .thank you .jk
A haiku poem that attempts to portray a human feeling that exists within all of us. Whether we know about or acknowledge them, the fact is that sometimes our own human faculties cannot always hide the real feelings contained in the depths of our hearts.
Some short poems and haiku's that I have written over the past,
Have ever tried writing flash fiction? Try now, it's just easy and fun to attempt writing one quickly. But remember... Please come back to this page and post your valuable comment! ~Rathna
This is a poem about trust and love and opening yourself up to all it has to offer
A short poem about love going wrong, and the hope you still hold on to
A short poem about someone having difficulties opening themselves up to the possibilities of love.
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