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This is a ballad of a story I read. I would love to know what the name of the book was so I can read it again lol. But It was so long ago I don't remember. But I hope you like it as much as I do.
My relaxation time is in my bath. I eat, drink, watch movies, listen to music, come up with ideas, ponder, dwell, dream, reminisce, and wish, in my bath.
Going with my husband to work, he works in the country and we are travelling to one of the little towns outside of Witbank, South Africa.
This is an account of a sofa, made to order decades ago that brings about some memories. Nobody now really wished to keep this old piece of furniture, so I accommodated it into my house and as I see, it doesn't look too bad.
On this 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination, we humbly remember a better, more sacred time in our nation’s history, filled with blood, and the tatters of a great man’s legacy!
This is a true story of a young man who was shot and buried alive ...and how this terrible ordeal ended ....
Sometimes, life's lessons are brought home on a final note
Four ladies in metropolis and 17-year-old volunteer in city killed asynchronous of attacks infernal on religion militants
The final entry in this series. Charles comes to the end of his endless reflections.
French gunman set to attack again this Friday, after recently attacking a Jewish school!
Discussion on whether flu shots are of any help at all to defending from the different viruses out there
There is news on May 1st, that Osama Bin Laden has been killed in a fire fight by Joint Special Operations Command Forces in Pakistan.
Wrote this one just for cupid -- when cupid doesnt do his job or when someone tries to cut into cupids job .. well i leave that up to you my readers to figure this little poem out.... Happy Valentines day....
A poem written in 2 parts. That of the wasted life of the victim and then the wasted life of the assailant. Dedicated to 2pac an amazingly talented rapstar who died at the young age of just 25 by gunshot.
After he was shot he experiences the next step, which is death read on and enjoy
You've Already Had Your Barrage of Vaccines when You Were a Baby, but Recent Studies Say's You Got to Get Pricked Again!
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