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The posh bank standing today was once home to one of the spookiest eateries that came complete with an eerie atmosphere that kept diners intrigued throughout their meal. Today the building has been replaced by the TD Bank. It was rumored that the restaurant was haunted by several acti...
Eastward, forward! Kevin and Majoor Blaffinski are on a treasure hunt, prompted by what they believe to be a map, drawn up by his grandfather Barend Sweefarend long ago.
~beautiful friend~the end~Morrison ~species of fat green snake came here to die when it grew old~Nietzsche~if you're alone~I'll be your shadow~if you want to cry~I'll be your shoulder~Manson~dearer to my soul than its soul-life~Poe~
Many of you will know this, but for those who don’t, your car needs just that little bit extra TLC in the winter months. Read on to learn just what you should be doing to maintain your car during the cold season.
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