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A guide on fitting and electrical shower in your home yourself. Saving on builder costs!
My relaxation time is in my bath. I eat, drink, watch movies, listen to music, come up with ideas, ponder, dwell, dream, reminisce, and wish, in my bath.
Children today don't appreciate how good they have it. I grew up in a home that neither a bathtub or a shower.
This is a poem about rain, the purpose of the rain, and encouraging everyone to appreciate the rain.
Life isn´t good or bad; it´s what we make of it. Yours may be the same as mine or not, but it doesn´t have to be worse. It´s all how we want to have it.
A say's happiness is at hand's reach and many of its ingredients are free.
This poem highlights on a day dream of beauty - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
This poem depicts a shower of love - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Let’s just reconsider few of our daily activities that can make our days healthier, happier and more enjoyable!
Why I think that nursing homes are sort of jails or golden cages for old people who seem to be waiting for death.
We have all been there so here are a few tips concerning the difficult day that usually follows after Saturday night fever.
What do you do if someone in your vicinity lacks in hygiene? How about if you feel unclean yourself? Find some simple solutions in this article!
Learn how to save water in your bathroom and help towards a more sustainable future... It's all up to us!
A true story about a bunch of ladies and their attempt at rescuing a helpless little creature.
A French based perfume company is manufacturing weight loss perfume in the name of “ Veld’s Prends-Moi. It is proved that the ladies feel it is reducing their weight and consuming less food after spray.
Bring out your artistic and intuitive side with the homemade baby shower party favors as you can use your skill in the arts or in the kitchen to bake some goods.
Express your gratitude to your guests with their participation and generosity towards you with the free baby shower thank you cards and the many designs offered.
Whip up a party that no one will surely forget about with the homemade baby shower favor ideas as you use your personal skills in order to come up with enticing giveaways as the party comes to a close.
Entice your guests with your upcoming event through the cheap printable baby shower invitations as they will surely love how they look even when you got them at an affordable price.
A humorous story about how difficult it is for mothers to simply take a shower.
A short poem about my garden, the jobs I do and what I look forward to when the summer finally arrives.
Here are some surprising bathroom tips on cleaning your shower curtains, declogging shower heads, removing broken glasses in bathroom floors, cleaning clogged sinks, more use for bathroom mirrors, hanging a bathroom clock, and more. Enjoy these very helpful tips and save money
I am reviewing my absolutely cherished shower gel, the Oriflame Discover Borneo Tropical Rainforest Shower Gel.
Want a purging, clean soul delivered to you by the blood of the Almighty?
The article talks about keeping yourself fit in burning summers when exercising can cause dehydration. It gives10 tips which will keep you cool during exercising in the summer season and will make your exercising regimen interesting and less tedious.
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