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This is a country, where tourists from all age group, must visit once – but as a bachelor. Oh wait, do not cancel the trip if you have planned it already with your partner or family, because Thailand will not disappoint any one of you, of any ages. The lush tropical topography and a...
Captain Sananda speaks of the demarcation line of religion, between one lording it over the other, invoking the "land promised to them by God" to the exclusion of the "heathens," a testament to the irony or paradox of religion, which incites war instead of peace. - Jamie Sentana-Rie...
There are a number of relationships described as symbiotic. Some are and others, on examination, are probably not. Neither dependence nor deep love define symbiosis.
There are a few ways where you can give yourself minor advantages against the opposition in Civilization V.
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