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My feelings regarding my shadow and realizing what I wanted will not always be the same later on down the road.
Does it feel good to be horrible? Seems not. Petros always tried to break me down with all manner of insults, especially telling me I'm fat all the time. Last time we were at Canyon Manoir, that's all he could say to me. He ridiculed me endlessly until I wished he was dead.
I'm between a rock and a hard place here. Is it wrong to think your brother is ridiculous? And with ridiculous, I mean a ridiculous human being who can be nothing other than ridiculous?
There are few things more frightening for parents than violence, but they are not completely helpless. Here are some tips for long term prevention of violence.
Have you ever noticed how children seem to grasp technology without much trouble? Just what makes it so easy for them?
Tips from a mother of 3 (and third of 8 children) on how to best nurture the relationships between siblings so their love transcends childhood and becomes a lifetime of sibling love!
Sibling interactions in adult life can be difficult. These are some of the kinds of issues created by certain types of siblings and ways to keep your sanity when dealing with them.
I think it is perfectly okay to cut negative people off from your life even if they are family. There's a big difference between sharing good happy news with others and bragging to make yourself seem greater. If a person only calls you to brag about something such as a purchase or to ...
This page is about my personal childhood experiences and quarrels with my sister
how to prevent sibling rivalry when the new baby arrives
What it's like being a fraternal twin? It's looking different in the face but being identical in the heart.
Siblings struggle with the reality of each other. Most, at one point or another, wish they were again or that they could have once been the one and only child.
No matter you like to become a good daughter, good sister, and a good son to your parents and your sibling. Their seem to be a rivalry that you could only find yourself defenseless after all the complaint their seem nobody to care or rely when you felt no one support you or side with ...
Being a twin is the most unique relationship between siblings, one which others might find difficult to understand
Stop sibling rivalry and have a harmonious relationship in the family.
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