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I wrote this poem at a hospital while waiting with a sick friend. It really was a gloomy place to be that day.
Writing is a good way of expressing your thoughts, hopes and fears, but it's the editing that counts. Read on to find out more
A loved one is very ill and her partner finds it very hard to cope. He takes a walk in the woods to try to clear his mind
As the new 20th century begins sick people seek free medical treatment there are not many only a few but these poor sick working class people find a kind doctor that will do his best to help.
Humor is part of life, but it tends to be serious and dark when it touches the lives of innocent people being affected by seeming contradictory rumors.
When there is illness in the family it is important to know how to make the patient comfortable, what diet to prepare and what to do while the doctor has not arrived.
It is unfortunate that we live in a world where deceit and lies are more frequently used than honesty and truthfulness.
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