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I am doing my very best to learn how to invite a friend to wikinut so I can be a star. It seems it was all my last post lacked.
As our sojourn in South Carolina continues my wife and I head into a deep downward spiral which begins with my unexpected headache. And then the dominoes fall . . .
A loved one is very ill and her partner finds it very hard to cope. He takes a walk in the woods to try to clear his mind
As the new 20th century begins sick people seek free medical treatment there are not many only a few but these poor sick working class people find a kind doctor that will do his best to help.
A very short poem about how things should change in England many years ago.
When God created this world and all that is within it, including the human physical body, He established natural physical laws to govern His creation. sickness only came along when mankind started animal products.
We can accept aging by determine the things we class as priority in our lives, and we set out carefully with a plan of action, to achieve our goals before we reach a certain age; plans and dreams plays a major role in all aspect of lives.
A miracle took place about two thousand years ago. It was real then and it is real today.
The law of cause and effect in life is in operation at all times and it hardly receives a passing glance. But there is another law that we should take very seriously, for it is violently shaking the very substance of our being with malicious intent
The state of our health and security lies in our hands. If we believe and boldly take what has been freely given to us there is nothing that can stand in our way.
The purpose of eating is to maintain a healthy body. This becomes easy if we are made aware of the reasons for this and constantly remind ourselves of the facts.
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