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Headphones and earphones are part of the modern world and of our everyday life. Some of us don’t go anywhere without them!
Opidivo is a medicine that is used for a very advanced lung cancer, but it might not be for everybody who has this cancer
Most of us seek advice for dealing with hair loss and to color hair when it no more suits the skin complexion.A few tips for dealing with hair loss as well as coloring of hair have been discussed here.
Do you like tea? Which one do you prefer, green tea or black tea? What are their benefits?Which one is better for our health? Here I wrote tea benefits to our health, comparing between green tea and black tea.
You need a pill to survive the first 30 minutes ...In retrospect, it was an excellent movie and worth to watch.
Medications which are prescribed to help us can have unwanted side effects. This poem talks about such effects
It is hard to believe that something that taste so good can also be harmful to our health.
Filling the teeth cavities with silver metal is one of the methods of modern dental treatment. It is dangerous because of many side effects.
Parents cry out for help. Having feelings of confusion, lack of knowledge, uncertainty, wonderment, shock and belief in the current educational system have many parents whirling in circles. Being asked by professionals, educators and people who have regular contact with their children...
There are alot of drugs to be avoided, but the most serious and concerning are the following.
Mother Nature has provided a lot of plants to rejuvenate your energy and enhance your libido. Modern busy world has lost its touch with her to find solutions for their health problems. Here is a tropical plant which has the treasure chest to stimulate your weak nerves, relieve your fa...
Generations of this century live in the age of anxiety. None of this modern world is free from anxiety. Most of the people suffer from chronic anxiety some kind of anxiety because of the modern lifestyle and food habits. They go for antidepressants which are not much helpful. Herbal r...
The side effects of raspberry ketones you should be aware of
This article is about health and Possible OxyElite Pro side effects
Who Should Get Rhinoplasty?How Is Rhinoplasty Performed?What Are the Side Effects? and many more
Superstorm Sandy in the west and Cyclone Nilam in the east have devastated the earth, causing great damages. They have almost retreated. But the aftermath effects are yet to follow. Diseases will spread at an epidemic speed. Precautionary measures have to be taken up to encounter them...
Stress effects your body in ways you would never have thought it could.
Now snake venom is preferable painkiller than morphine by Institute of Molecular cellular pharmacology
Skin is the largest organ in the body. Caring the skin is very important. Negligence in skin care may lead to various diseases. Skin care is a perennial affair.
Steroids cause addiction both physiologically as well as psychologically.
It is now quite clearly that we seem to depend on medication to take care of all ills.
Modern stressful life is hooked with the habit of taking painkillers even at slightest symptom of pain. But unfortunately realities say that these painkillers turn real killers in due course.
I have heard about detoxes and even known people to do them but I have never ever tried one until now....
Medicine has been one with man from his very first day of existence. It has been simple and making him healthy to live for some more time. But modern medicine has become too complicated and commercialized to kill him.
Soda, the sweet and bubbly beverage, has become quite popular over the years. It is commonly sold everywhere--in supermarkets, restaurants, convenient shops and vending machines. But nobody seems to bother about its negative effects.
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