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Many of us faithfully watched American Idol and loved the show but there were occasions that just made us angry.
New York rockers The Benjees are ready to party like a rock star with their debut album
This fall Simon Cowell is launching a new singing competition show; with Ricky Martin as judge, mentor, and executive producer.
My experience of being in the audience and a review of the X Factor UK 2014 Boot Camp show at the SSE Wembley Arena in London.
This article is about my experience when I attended the X Factor UK auditions at the SSE Wembley Arena in London.
My experience of being in the audience at the X Factor UK 2014 auditions at the SSE Wembley Arena in London.
By now everyone knows popular American Idol singer Angie Miller was cut. We all get rejected sometimes. We just need to remember a no is just a not now. A no is just a YES in infancy!
After a disappointing 2011, Simon Cowell has a new plan. Read on to find out more.
Was it America’s sweetheart or the triple threat who got the boot before the semi-finals?
Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger have confirmed that they are no longer together. Read on to find out why.
Gareth Gates has proved himself very versatile over thet last 10 years, and is now soon to be entertaining 2,000 lucky people on a cruise ship.
I never thought I would defend Simon Cowell after all the people he has dropped in the past, but this is my opinion of the Cheryl Cole sacking for what it’s worth.
According to the Daily Mail, Cheryl's Geordie accent was too strong for the viewing public to understand.
With its two biggest stars leaving, can X Factor survive?
American Idol Auditions 2011 Are Here-It's time to get ready for the fun part of American Idol
On Sunday night, Matt Cardle won X Factor 2010, realising his dream.
All the good singers are fast disappearing from X Factor this year. I hope we can have a credible winner.
An observation on the Judges and the judged of American Idol. What's in a name and making a name?
X Factor is back, with a never ending stream of performers, all wanting to realise their dream of success.
Short information about who may perform at Simon's wedding.
Simon Cowell has quite American Idol to set up an American X Factor
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