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A significant truth that cannot be denied has been totally misunderstood. If grasped by everyone the world would stop to celebrate forever.
Genetics is not a root cause of homosexuality, but choice is. DNA is not the factor but rather it is a freely given lifestyle.
The early history of the doctrine of Original sin, and a look at Ezekiel 18 and common sense.
The story of the first part of creation, when God created man in his own image, mankind succumb to the wiles and tricks of Satan, that brought about the fall of Adam and Eve. an event which would eventually lead to exclusion from the garden of Eden.
We all are in some ways peculiar to us each one a sinner
It is my passion to add some detailed articles with the warning contents about the consequences to befall the sinful generation of Human Beings when Our Mighty God Will be denouncing Judgement on that Coming Day of the Lord. My contents aim at making people repent and turn form evil w...
The Bible is a bloody book. There is no doubt about that. People are human, and humans sin. Only blood can atone for these sins. Find out more about what the Bible says on sin, and why it is important to never forget the blood, when talking about God and the Bible.
The beginning of the ending of days on earth, may not be long in coming, as we hear about wars and rumours of war. End time scenario being played out in the political arena.
The Original “Sin” has always been a bit of a mystery to those who simply have had no opportunity to examine their Original history from the inception of the seeding upon this once new world, Angorius. Among other facts will we now present the Original “Sin” as you, the reade...
I like this poem but then again I don't I think its needs editing or more added to it. you tell me what you think.
Battles are never fought without weapons. Only the courageous and a man with faith can be able to withstand and win a battle without any weapon.
Following SCOTUS' ruling on gay marriage white houses of government across America have been spotlighted with the colors of the rainbow in favor of the "gay" element. Is this good? Read this article for the answer.
Judah marries and has three sons but God is angry and slays his eldest son, whereupon Judah demands that the second son marry his bother's widow.
This opinion piece gives my ideas about the impersonal nature of laws, such as the Karmic Law. Controversially, I am saying here that this is not true at all. Every single law, including here even physical laws, are personal, and fitted to you personally by your own soul. Jesus Ch...
I'm a firm believer in natural beauty. I do not believe it should be hidden under copious amount of makeup. I agree beauty can be enhanced. But subtly.
a poet's choice of i always do...running 'twixt and between whatever i may choose...history to freedom of choice... Beltane...vampyre's and more....ha!!!!
Nowdays, there are many problems in life where sin is compromised with social problems. As a result, affecting the truth of the word of God or the rights and duties of religious organizations under equality and human right law.
deadly sin... I can not close my eyes... guilt kills me!!!
A short poem that shows how proper judgement can only be made from unconditional love. This is why God must remain the only judge of us all. When we move away from love to judge another person, we have also moved ourselves away from God then too, because God is love.
You are the goddess I can't erase I always remember the ride home from school Because my parents were not at home I survived If you don't know how bad I drank Don't you know how my heart hurt Only leave the infinite memory of innocence
This article relates about some ills in our society and because of hardship and obstacles of life, deception may happen to anyone of us in this world.
Grace cannot tolerate the activities of sin in our lives. Grace will push us to become sober, to live righteous, and it becomes a permanent disposition of our character.
This is a poem about life and love in the awkward years when every flower was beautiful and every act a sin.
you can run, you can scream you can not erase the mark
It took several words in the Garden of Eden to plunge mankind into darkness, but it took just one Word to reverse the process.
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