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A cute little ballad. There's a twist at the end of the poem. you prob never guess it.
Another day life offers what it has to offer: People and their thingies that make life interesting.
"That was absolutely pathetic", says some people when they hear someone they think cannot sing. But what if someone who can't sing, wants to sing anyway come hell or high waters?
I enjoy listening to my parents and some friends talking about the trouble they got into when they were kids.
As the clouds roll by outside her window, Tjirpie is daydreaming about her future. High school is almost over for her, and it is time to decide on what she's going to do with her future.
I wrote While Butterflies Dance after observing butterflies while walking in the park on a summer day. Butterflies are beautiful and although they do not have a long life span they make every moment count. Their carefree dance was a joy for me to behold and the inspiration for the f...
A "how to" guide for those with limited musical knowledge who wish to write a song.
This piece comes from a deep place within as so many of my pieces do. Words, images, sound...all make and create a picture that if painted would contain many many and enjoy...
This is a fun piece for all writers who aspire to use words in so many ways. Be they placed on paper or on the net they can influence readers in a multitude of try to be a good influence and bring joy and fun and learning.....
Lyrical poetry. The life of a country girl. Nature poetry. http://www.poetrypoem/shannonfarlouis A country girl’s life in the country.
Poem of how I really feel, behind the mask that I wear almost every day to shield the pain I face always.
The poem depicts a desire to sing a song of love - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Award winning poetic tribal documentary on the ancient age worldwide subject of : Should mankind sing or dance.
A surreal poetic composition. It follows Iambic Tetrameter and the Triolet form, with altering the 4th line.
There are stories of life, and times of ages past, found in songs to sing to the glory and praise of the Saviour and Maker of all life.
We all go through moments when everything seems dark and full of despair ...but we need to rise up and not be afraid ...the victory is in sight ....
Praise for those who keep stories alive, either by memory, or by the penning of them!
this poem tells of the joy the Angels proclaimed to simple shepherds ...and the same message is for us today .
Whenever you sing, whistle, or hum a tune you are playing by ear - because you heard the tune first. With practice it is possible to transfer the tune to a musical instrument.
A poem about the birds I see and why we should treasure and do everything that we can to make sure we have birds for generations to come.
Take a little family time to get together and sing with your child! It' s just a cool way to go. It's great for the soul and the spirit of families getting together. There are many experiences that families share that are a part of cherished memories. But for generations children tel...
Do it afraid! Never let fear control you, instead face your fear.
A quick poem about a walk I had last spring/summer. Some things I saw and nture at it`s best.
This is a short poem which whispers messages of love
This is just a little poem pertaining to a daughter about her mom.
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