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Eleanor McEvoy is a very talented Irish song singer, songwriter, and musician who has made a career for herself in the USA.
Many of us faithfully watched American Idol and loved the show but there were occasions that just made us angry.
Richard Wagner, a nineteenth century German writer and conductor, once said that the "human voice is truly the establishment of all music." He might not have been distant, since the sounds made by the human voice were really utilized as an aide for the sounds for some musical instrume...
Being a musician sometimes is a good way to collect the coffers of wealth, especially if you are already have a big name (branding) then absolutely the money simply flowed into the pockets ranging from concert revenue, album royalties, the salary up to a sponsor. This applies globally...
Established in 1973, Patrick's Roadhouse, named after Bill Fischler's youngest son Patrick, has been many things to many people over the years, but the bright green St. Patrick's Day themed exterior, the quirky antiqued-knickknack style interior, celebrity sightings, paranormal activi...
Hip hop music has become an avenue for nudity among ladies. This trend must be check if dignity is to be restored to womanhood
It is about farhan saeed a famous pakistani singer now starting his own solo career in the field of music and the release of his new song Halka Halka Suroor a tribute to a late World known Pakistani Singer Nusrat fateh Ali Khan, the master of the art of music.
We explore the life and times of Harry Belafonte, one of the world's truly great entertainers and social activists.
Extracts from a late 19th century American encyclopedia. It gives instruction on how to sing, which was serious in its time, but is now humorous for a modern reader.
I have never been interested in politics before but thanks to the American presidential debates and campaigns. I now engage my analytical senses to observe, analyze and criticize these two highly qualified individuals. I get disappointed though when the candidates lose their mannerism...
This article is about Singers who are earning big while doing live stage shows.
It turns out that our president can really sing. Take a listen to the video below.
We explore the short, unhappy life of the music superstar, Whitney Houston, and glance at her horoscope as well.
This was a private party I held one Halloween (smile), so of course, I needed great music! I could only let you in on a few of the guest on the list, as others did not want to be published, for various reasons! I hope you enjoy this, I wrote it some time ago for some Halloween Magic!
Steel Pulse’s music often mixes satire and social commentary and Hinds’ exquisite voice has been used to help carry their message of social consciousness across the globe.
CD Review of the Innocent Ones by Punk folk performer Willie Nile.
The song writers of yesteryear, wrote with such feeling, some lyrical artistry.
A woman explains how love had been for her a roller-coaster.
This article examines the life of Amy Winehouse, and also takes a quick look at her horoscope.
We take a look at the life and times of Elvis Presley, and a quick look at his horoscope as well.
In America, very few know of Eva Cassidy, one of the great singers of all time. She is much more well known in Europe.
This article examines the horoscope of Janis Joplin. What made hers such a tragic life?
Nobody knows for sure if a blessing is either a blessing or a curse. Different people have different opinions about these things. Just read on in order to learn more about why I think it's hard to categorize. I also added my person experiences to justify the studies that was recently ...
Abba, the group of 4 singers, were very popular during the eighties, especially amongst the teen-agers!
~A symphony sings at your cradle~an Ozarks sweet serenade~rocking the night with his fiddle~the player whose aging chords fade~
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