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If you are single or know someone that is single, please pass the information along. Thanks.
Ever wonder why you're coming home to an animal instead of a person everyday? Here's my view as to why.
When people think of a single person or claim to be single, it is often viewed as them not having a husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend. What is the REAL defintion of being SINGLE? This article was written to show a different point-of-view in hopes that it will help shed a little...
"It is a wise father who knows his own child," as the old saying goes. But in these days of DNA analysis more and more men are discovering sometimes uncomfortable facts about their children -and their partners.
I have had several careers, but being a single Dad is the most rewarding job of all.
Whether full or part-time, becoming a single dad can be a confounding responsibilities. Here are some tips that just might help.
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