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A kid without a dad at home makes up for it by being a real father to his own kids.
It's tough being single but it does seem to be the only safe choice in life. The feeling and need for companionship would be strong but there are pros and cons of being single as much as being in a matrimonial union. Domestic violence has become both a social and gender issue now in t...
You feel attracted to a man, but you do not know where to start. The first thing you should do is find out if he was single or already have a partner.
Whether you are struggling in this current economy, or not on the best of terms with an ex-spouse, or just having a hard time with balancing the day to day life of single parenthood.... you are NOT alone.
Being an older single adult requires a much different life style that being an adult that is married. The responsibilities of being single are vastly different than those of married friends who have chosen to have a life of family responsibilities.
The reader will learn how to determine what is considered a good buy in todays real estate market.
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