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It's tough being single but it does seem to be the only safe choice in life. The feeling and need for companionship would be strong but there are pros and cons of being single as much as being in a matrimonial union. Domestic violence has become both a social and gender issue now in t...
Nowadays, besides online dating sites many single women (and men) are at a loss for finding a great place to meet other single and eligible people. It used to be that our friends and associates could set up 'blind' dates and arrange meetings at various parties, etc. Not so much now, s...
If you are single or know someone that is single, please pass the information along. Thanks.
Ever wonder why you're coming home to an animal instead of a person everyday? Here's my view as to why.
When people think of a single person or claim to be single, it is often viewed as them not having a husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend. What is the REAL defintion of being SINGLE? This article was written to show a different point-of-view in hopes that it will help shed a little...
Having been accustomed to their life alone, serial daters are comfortable with their lifestyle and have set their ways enjoying the excitement of dating and sleeping with a lot of people.
Whether you are struggling in this current economy, or not on the best of terms with an ex-spouse, or just having a hard time with balancing the day to day life of single parenthood.... you are NOT alone.
An article offering advice on some of the important things to keep in mind when you're looking to get back into dating as a single parent.
As my grandmother used to say: "it is better to be alone than with bad company" so perhaps what has been termed a phobia of commitment is nothing more that being very selective and doing it for all the right reasons.
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