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Bronchial Asthma gives us physicians special concerns. These concerns center on situations such as nocturnal Asthma, Pregnancy and in surgery. How are these concerns of medical significance?
I write this with a clogged nose. If you are reading this with the same predicament, read on and find out ways to declog without the need to buy expensive and unnecessary over the counter solutions.
Having a bad breath is embarrassing. How your mouth smells can make or break you as a person. A good smelling breath can be your ladder to success and your dreams but all of these can be denied with a foul smelling breath. Here are the causes and some tips how to prevent it.
Hay Fever means blocked sinuses, teary eyes and none existent taste buds. It can impact on social life and productivity. Suffering can be avoided if sufferers take a few simple precautions
This short articles explains some interesting facts about headache and various triggers causing headache in humans.
Second hand smoking is a classic example of how innocent people suffer due to irresponsible behavior of some one else.
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