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Once upon a time there were fields where children laughed and cried and played their games. As time rolled on the industrial revolution took away the the fields and woods near. then small towns and villages. As children grew old and were replaced by other children a new culture emerge...
Mia ran home. Her bare feet were quite cold by now, and the wind and snow made them even colder. She hopped onto the sidewalk and then jumped onto the back of a carriage, it would only be for a few minutes. She would be home a little faster now. Mia really wanted to be home, her moth...
This is the fable of White Buffalo, as told by the Great Spirit of all time.
My fraternity brother Atty. Carlos M. Ortega recently passed away. It was a sad time for every member of the Tau Lambda Kappa Fraternity Sorority Inc. of the University of the East College of Law. I failed to be there to show my respects to a man I admired so much. I'll regret it for ...
This is about reaching out and helping others. Meeting a stranger off of the streets and making sure she was safe.
A sister to me but also my mother in many ways. I love you Janet, for without you life would have been much worse .
Whole Nature is based in favour of females making them more beautiful and to keep the manhood under control through attraction.
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