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Family and friends are not always the best at keeping in touch with each other. Using Facebook to keep in touch is one way, but how do you know anyone is really reading your postings? My sister did a test post today that really got her page booming.
Strong familial ties that bind siblings usually translate to close friendships
This article covers the events that led up to the death of my sister on Wednesday Jan 26th, 2006.
This page is solely dedicated to my ideas about a "Family". This involves my personal experiences with my family and of course, the lessons I have learned. I hope this too applies to everybody :)
It can be hard for younger children to adjust when their older sibling goes off to college.
A Short stories about family and characteristics passed from mother to child.
My sister was dying and I was grieving. Her final words to me seemed odd, but I later realized what a gift they were.
No man or woman is an island. We are all in the boat together. At the very least, we should acknowledge each other as we hang on for dear life in this everlasting ride.
Sisters share a special, lifelong relationship. No matter what you do or where you go in life, sisters are the best friends you'll ever have. Here's why.
The natural defense systems within us, come on at an early age. Here is my witness of a child building walls to protect her tender heart.
The love-hate relationship that sometimes exists between sisters, and how it can resolve itself.
life without a feeling of connection with my sisters or female friends sucks. Females can not look to a guy to fill that void of loss or lonliness so ive learned.
I know this is might sound weird but I have they four hottest sister ever and they sure know how to party the right way. Maybe its because they were so successful, that each one of them was already set up nicely.
Isabel could feel her world collapsing around her, and the felt no-one cared. She loved her sister Katy, but why did she when she kept betraying her? Read on to find out more.
He lives...I know this, because I don't believe he would bring me this far to leave me
"When mom and dad don't understand, a sister always will."
Memories of being the youngest child in a big family.
A movie review about 10 thing I hate about you. One of my favorite movies! So cute.
A book review about Michelle ZInk's book: Prophecy of the Sisters
This article is about a sister who is also a best friend.
A brief moment of joy at finding a childhood love again.
Rakhi is a wonderful Indian festival. It symbolizes the love of brother and sister. Girls tie the thread knots on their brother's wrist and pass their eternal love. In return, brothers promise to take care of their sisters and give them gifts. It is often known as 'RakshaBandhan'. It ...
Exploring family relationships through oral story telling can result in stories being told in written form. Poetry is one way of recording those stories.
Short poem rooted in sorrow which helped me close the book on a certain aspect of my life.
What it's like being a fraternal twin? It's looking different in the face but being identical in the heart.
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