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One thing is to believe on a conscious level, the other is the subconscious
A review of this man´s book of recipes collected in many distant places and for difficult situations.
Laughter is the best medicine that will help us a lot to de-stress. We should practise it for one hour every day.
A poem to the fellow peons from yours truly. Much love ombres.
Ah... the moon beckoned you, "Enter," and in the morning the sun blessed you, "Good day." We do many things, but expression is so important for our connection, growth, and understanding of the human spirit. Join me for morning coffee or evening tea to share our spirits! Visit alwaysz...
How often have you found yourself trapped in a situation or relationship with, seemingly, no way out. To make matters worse, other people can't seem to undestand why you're not happy with your present circumstances.
A look at what the demands of an era. can cause adjustments in all sectors
Before we complain, should understand that there are people, being confronted by even more difficult situations.
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