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According to one legend Siva came on his mount, an Ox,and tied it there while he was witnessing the dance of Ayyappa after the killing of Mahishi.
Whew! It's been a journey, and I'm nowhere near the finish line. Twenty-five Wikinut articles in less than 25 days. So far I've made less than 25 cents (American), but I've gained over 2500 page views and am working my way towards 25 new Wikifriends.
This is quite a mishmash with the saving grace of videos and praise for my many friends who write for wikinut. There is a video of the 1943 movie for Whom the Bell Tolls...vey apt at this time of our history! Read on and those who want to have a hey dey on my behalf...blessings
This was written in January 1983 in London. It is about becoming detached and finding our security within no matter what the world throws up at us.
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