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Recently my friend asked me to visit her beauty spa that she had started exactly a year ago. She herself is a very skilled makeup artist who’s done many certifications in hair styling and has a long list of clientele who love her work.
getting your qualifications for a worthwhile career is a very important step in life, no one is going to employ a person without qualification or experience, a person must show initiative if they want to get anywhere in this life. universities and schooling a must for the development ...
Know why I started to write online and what I learned from the experience.
Read if you are one of those that have lost hope in finding a job. We can lose hope on present employers, but we can't lose hope on ourselves and our skills.
When students are confused to decide on their future career once they finish of their studies, graphic designing is one option which stands evergreen
How about seeing the perspective of work in an organized way, which we normally ignore in our hectic schedules. But let me tell you, you got to read this and discover a new aspect of working.
A good cook should teach us to cook well as well as to enjoy our food, regardless of his body mass.
You don’t just wake up one morning, sit on your couch, reach for your personal computer, and start typing on your keyboard. Writing…and of course successful writing, is not just about sitting and typing something and anything. We or at least I have seen some people write and then ...
On the Internet, there are some great websites that offer strategic guidance Cheats and various video games. If you have a child, like a video game, make sure you set some limits. Clearly expresses how much time the child can invest in the day, and stick to it.
We have individual talents. We should not be restricted by success parameters highlighted by the media so that we are not short-changed in life.
A superhero whose superpower is repairing bikes? It was a sketch in a Monty Python's Flying Circus show. But forty years on is it as crazy as it sounded then?
Getting in to know your creative self by taking an inward journey.
This article is all about giving importance to education. This is about appreciating and valuing education. Education is very important.
Periodical market collapses can be curbed if we stick to the fundamentals of banking. Rampant speculation now encouraged leads to unbridled greed and the final tab lands on the hapless citizen.
Geishas has been intriguing people all around the world for more than four hundrend years. Geisha meaning "person of the art," thier craft is to be honored.
Cherry tree with the help of her brother making perfumes with Urine, her brother have the knowledge of " boutique distillery".
Writing is a good way of expressing your thoughts, hopes and fears, but it's the editing that counts. Read on to find out more
The success of an organization or a project comes always starts with a good and respected leader. Do you have what it takes to be a good leader? Here are some vital points to be one.
Thoughts about the ironic comparison of not wasting food or materials, to not wasting talents or skills.
This page addresses the sometimes complex and difficult questions parents need to ask themselves when dealing with older children. In particular, some parents experience difficulty when dealing with teens. It takes a look at how to deal with various aspects of teenagers' development a...
Career is as important as personal life. Can one survive without sacrificing one's job or one's home? We all know that the answer lies in striking a balance. But before that we need to develop our skills at work. Qualifications, talent and attitude - the three basic qualities that can...
Ever seen that puzzled look when your try to communicate to a group of people? Chances are that you failed to communicate your message well enough to them. Remember your ability to communicate is perhaps the most important skill you have You need to strive to communicate more effectiv...
Yes those who were not successful should the time to prepare for the next event.
How can you survive if stuck in the wild with nothing but a pen, pencils, a sharpener, a notebook and an eraser? Read on for some simple suggestions.
It says... Read your kids aloud! My parents - my teachers! Choose a good book for me
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