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Before 20s, you got the skin your mother gave you. Once you cross your 20s, you have the skin you gave yourself. Proof for this reality of this skin care mantra is often seen in the faces of ladies around you.
We age as we add years to our life. The age shows up first as wrinkles on our face... tension and anxiety are siblings of age and speed up the aging process by adding frown lines to the wrinkles!
You probably have heard your close friend praises African black soap body wash- claiming that it was the best product they have used. If you’re still puzzled what’s in it, then this article can answer you questions. African Black soap as the name suggests is made by African women ...
What to Avoid If You Have a Sensitive Skin; Understanding a Sensitive Skin
Easy to follow tips & tricks for getting summer ready skin.
There are many great multi-step skin care routines that include peels and night creams but they do not always seem to get the job done. If you want your skin to look younger you will have to make the most out of every existing trick. There are many things you can do which will help yo...
One fruit that everyone should eat religiously is Watermelon. It has so many benefits to your health.
Often while preparing our favorite drinks, such as coffee or tea we add lemon, honey or some other ingredient to sweeten or improve the taste. But, if you think about it, those ingredients are actually very healthy on their own.
Acne can be mild or severe, it can be embarrassing to a teenager or disfiguring in extreme cases.
Acne can be mild or severe, it can be embarrassing to a teenager or disfiguring in extreme cases.
How to get clear skin naturally? If you are looking for the solution to this question, must read this post as it is going to be an effective content to make you look more beautiful and pretty. Here we are going to compile the top most natural remedies that can make you look more beaut...
Extreme Sensitivity to the sun. I suffer from this, and there is not a suncream I have found can help, so I have written this page to raise awareness, and advice others on what I know works. This advice is not medical advice. It is my own way of treating this problem, which I have tes...
Coconut oil has been at the forefront of health news lately. It is healthy, inexpensive and has an extended shelf life. Here are 5 tips for adding Coconut Oil to your daily routine.
Good skin care, including sun protection and gentle as well as imbibing some natural tips can keep your skin healthy and glowing for years to come.
Tomato is a fruit that is capable for taking care of your skin beauty naturally.
Several tips to rejuvenate one's health and skin From genetics to daily life, through sport and better food, from stress management to serene way of life
Face is the part of our body extremely pleased everybody, particularly ladies. Skin well being is the most paramount part is dependably the top need notwithstanding the weaker sex ought to use a couple of dollars.But that time there are still a few things that can harm your skin like...
In caring for your skin, particularly your face, you don’t need much money to pay for the services of a beauty parlor or health clinic. You can do it at the comfort of your home. All you need to do is to learn a few tricks, then look for the ingredients, which can be found at yo...
Don't be worried about losing your youthful look. Try these 10 tips to avoid looking old.
Honey is not just used a sweetener but also can be used in many other ways and this also helps in reducing your body weight as well.
Is there an age requirement for using anti-aging products? It is in some people's opinion that young individuals should stay away from these products. Even at a young age, it is important that you take care of your skin.
too oily skin prone to breakouts and will look dull. However, people with oily skin, generally younger than dry skin because it has better elasticity.
Laser hair removal helps to get rid of unwanted hair on any part of the body. This treatment targets specific areas of the skin without affecting the surrounding skin. You may need more than one session of laser hair removal to get rid of hair growth completely.
Beautiful, smooth and glowing skin is a dream of many women today, worldwide. And, considering men’s point of view, it is very attractive. It is natural phenomena that we are attracted by a person’s with healthy, smooth and shiny skin. But what should we do to make and maintain ou...
Mineral makeup is made up of minerals that occur naturally in the earth’s crust. Minerals such as zinc, iron oxide, titanium oxide, mica, ultramarine are used to manufacture mineral makeup.
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