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Skunks can be a problem if they set up home under your house. They are smelly, can dig up your yard, and can carry rabies. Skunks belong in the wild, learn how to trap a skunk and get rid of it.
Another installment of 25 Reasons. Charlie hates funerals, but at this one he isn't the only unwelcome mourner...
Funerals can be times of grief. And sometimes bad things happen on top of the obvious. You want to scream. But looking back, and even at odd times in the moment, you can see the humor and know it is OK to laugh, even while you cry.
This is a poem about a skunk and what he may have to do in a typical day.
Skunks are not commonly kept as pets in most areas, but in areas where they are allowed as exotic pets they are becoming popular and trendy. Obviously the main concern is smell, but skunks can be de-scented and tame ones are not likely to spray anyhow. There are many things to consi...
Rode right past a dead skunk yesterday-- wooo weee-- what a smell-- went up my nose --I must have sneezed straight through for like an hour -- can't get the phrase -- dead skunk in the middle of the road out of my mind -- so hopefully this will get it out so i can get something much b...
A fictional story about the origin of skunks. I hope you like it. Let me know what you think.
3 years ago, my English teacher told us to write down poetry whose format was to be similar to the one we had read in the textbook. I decided to share it online. Enjoy.
The Old Bull of the pen, just doesn't play as well with others, as he once did even though he has become gray and old he still lets them know, before they, have to Go!
Having lived in a rural area in Nova Scotia for a long period of time, I had to cope with skunks interacting with our pets and the dreadful smell they made.
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