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The number of people going missing in and around Leeukopkraal and environs, have been soaring. Can a pop singer's lyrics provide any clues as to what has been going on?
We get up early today. Father and I are going on a flight through the canyons.
Just a little poem about a quiet night, when everything seemed almost perfect.
Time moves slowly in Maine. The raw beauty of mid-coast Maine is a reminder of it's rich and rustic history.
A wish from the heart was made upon a bright star. Suddenly, a trembling heart felt a little less fearful that beforeā€¦
The latest installment of the factual account of Creation will, admittedly, not be easy to comprehend and digest, given the novelty and complexity of the concepts involved in describing the process. It is not unlike Galileo's discovery, much to the outrage of the church, that the Eart...
This is how I feel when I'm in the country with the trees and the wide open spaces.
Oh, to enjoy the day, so, awake, and have at it! Read more:
This is a motivational poem detailing the trials of life and the lessons learned.
Hindrances in life are transient, just like the black clouds that cover the silvery moon. All one needs is that hidden spark to endure that dark phase.
Oh this is definitely leg pulling for some. For others it will make a lot of sense and whichever is yours enjoy...but perhaps it will open doors for you to go through...ha!
Another of my strange pages..for sure yet as always the kernel of light shines through for those who can see...the rest RIP.....enjoy....
How many times have you allowed your emotions to take you where you really do not want to go...into a hell of your own making...I speak from experience...knowing that being able to recognize this pattern is a way to release it...enjoy and be honest with yourself!!!
It feels so nice to watch the sunset and reminisce of our past. The memories of love gone by.
It's my routine to take a walk every night before going to sleep. Since, I'm living away from the city, I always find time to contemplate and think of many things.
A fun piece taking you journeying up above and down and you there maybe! also the perfection of what is going on even if some judge it as terrible...enjoy
So much for us to enjoy in this earthly paradise if we will honour what we have and take loving care of journey through and find a way to love it all...I dedicate this to Nikki Ferry who shared her awesome photographs with me..
we should remember that life is a broken-winged bird ,life is a barren field frozen with snow. so hold fast to dream, if dreams go away, it's true and we feel always. this is the realization of a great poet "Langston Hughes". my poem is written on the basis of poem " dreams" of "Langs...
in my childhood, there was a blue sky that dreamed me. I can remember when i was just teen it grew dark and i lost my blue sky. so no dream is here so no hope is here in my life now. it was as a kite floats on the sky when dream began, so i wish to reset my sky again and my blue sky w...
When one is in the middle of an endless and mysterious desert, one can't help but imagine the profundity of one's existence in a certain time and space..
downward advance in what looks like a ladder, my hands are white, my hair is white ... dandelions seeds flying beside me, flying slowly, smiling at me.
A poem describing springtime.The last part is about the free sunlight of spring that we enjoy.Since spring month is a taxpaying month,hence the word "tax" is included in the poem.
A limited view from my window sill made me write this poem.The city with buildings all over divides the sky into patches. It tunes all vision,all perspectives to things grossly down to earth.
No matter where you go find you will bitchy women...all sorts, shapes and first they seem like friends then they stab you in the back..figuratively...and sometimes literally..they do not realize that they will receive their comuppance in many many ways...bless them all...
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