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How indian intelligence agency officials will ruthlessly exploit a brilliant obc single woman engineer, denying her information and stealing her resume for goan sex bribe givers, brahmin cheater housewives and other frauds
A look at how the shameless dishonest indian intelligence and security agency officials are defaming, exploiting and cheating a single woman obc engineer, domain investor
Powerful jealous cruel and greedy officials in India defame, torture harmless domain investors
My life is precious and I feel I am losing it to a self destructive and emotionally charged environment. I keep on having to fall into the same old patterns. I want to change, why cant I just change? Realisation sets in "You can only change by the renewing of your mind." Help me p...
Unaffected by the judgement of others. Rising above and beyond nonsense and negativity.
Man is a specially beloved creature of God. God wishes to give him eternal joyful life in heaven. The Enemy sends temptations to lead him astray.
We have been consistently slanderously dealt with by the controlled media in order to undermine the effectiveness of our mission. The media's tool is character assassination, where truth or the substance of an issue becomes obscured by slander designed to turn pubic opinion against p...
Kaylar likes to lie about me and other writers and wikinut has no problem publishing her lies and she has no qualms about deleting the comments of those she attacks. This is my answer to those deleted comments.
A short Haiku Poem - where just a few words can create a thousand images
I have been openly accused of being a shill for Michael Quoc and for Factoidz/Knoji right here on Wikinut. An honorable site has been wrongfully denigrated as being a Ponzi Scheme. Read my answer to Kaylar's accusations with the BBB as my witness.
A short poem to act as a reminder that it's not only the walls that have ears!
Short prose inspired by the many affects and orchestrated gossip and slander.
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