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How to combat the distractions and living constraints to create a peaceful and relaxing environment that encourages deep and restful sleep.
Most of us have our first dose of caffeine with our a.m. coffee followed by the p.m. coffee for an afternoon pick-me-up.
It starts happening sometime around our late-20s. All those bumps and bruises we accrued during our teenage years, though healed on the outside, start to appear in the form of random pains in our joints, or our backs — we just can’t move around like we used to. Some women start to...
There are several conditions which can disrupt sleep and in turn affect a person's health or mental health. Today we will talk about restless leg syndrome.
You’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it again. Sleep is so important for your health!
If you do not sleep well, this is for you. What is the big deal about sleep? A lot! Sleep is a period of rest. But it is much more.
Sleep insufficiency is an overwhelming epidemic that is increasing each day. Insomnia is the number one cause of insomnia. This article is written to help those suffering from Insomnia to understand and work to find those triggers that are keeping tem from a goods nights rest.
I have written before about those frightening days back in June when I faced and experienced my greatest fear, they were horrible days and was reminded of them when recollecting the worst of times those months ago. Of course these memories may fade, but they can never entirely disappe...
All life to sleep..As my days are numbered they want me to slumber So I say this read it
This article is about foods that could prevent you from sleeping
This poem shares how the feeling goes once hurt by your love. It also describes the condition once a heart breaks.
There are many facts about sleep, but the truth is, there are probably as many myths as there are facts. It is crucial to separate the sleep facts from what people think is fact and isn't really. Myths are just that and they should remain just that.
Sleeping pills or sleep aids is not the only way to fall asleep. You can achieve good sleep with using lots of natural things in the place of any prescription sleeping pills or over the counter sleep aids.
O sleepy world! As I sleep... you keep vigil .... for when you are asleep I shall stand don't worry death lies side by side
Onе needs to іdеntіfу the causes before lооkіng to сurе ѕlеерlеѕѕnеѕѕ. Thеrе саn bе vаrіоuѕ саuѕеѕ fоr insomnia like ѕtrеѕѕ, dерrеѕѕіоn, аlсоhоl, anxiety, саffеіnе stimulation, aging, jet lаg, fаtіguе, certain mеdісаtіоn...
Did you ever feel so much work to do until you can't sleep? You better not doing that every day, because this 5 terrible things will happen to you
The word "Insomnia" is a Latin word meaning "No Sleep" or Sleep Debt, it is a chronic inability to sleep and it has been found by researchers to have some negativity on life.
Sleeplessness can be a very real menace. Learn the most effective strategies for combating it to regain your normal sleep pattern. Your usual energy and vitality is only a decent snooze away!
A poem about staying up, getting up and what life's about
If you want to have a good nights sleep and wake up to a more productive day then implement these simple things daily.
Sleepy sexy..The inexperienced seem to say just anything and try to get away with it Sex is no easy subject to play with by those who have a bit of experience only.Teenagers do take care please.
Sleepy if you say I just posted a sleepy comment ...the poet shouted back rightly so I compensated hope I did justice No?
Here I present my poem Insomnia, written since I am suffering from it at the current moment. Please enjoy as it is one of my only poems I've ever written.
I hear voices deep inside my head hear them all the time specially when I go to bed.
A man who is the victim of workplace bullying has had enough. He can take no more. So he makes a stand, whatever the outcome he still will have his self respect. Today is the day it all changes. Today he means business. The victim makes a stand and a statement.
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