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We all rush through life in an attempt to do more, to accomplish more. The true secret, though, in achieving a life worth living is to slow down. We need to slow down so we can live at a richer pace and so we have time to turn our writing into the best product it can be. .
Often times when we make a mistake, we waste time making ourselves feel worse. I, like many others, am not a perfectionist, but I want my work to be as close to perfection as possible. When I find that I have made a mistake, I waste time belittling and beating myself up. My day is the...
Here are guides or tips on how to make the most use of tomatoes. Problems arise when there are plenty of them and get ripe altogether. Solutions are offered here to make money out of them. There are fresh and unripe ones but there's a pressing need for ripe ones. This is likewise ...
A song for a friend in need of a little peace and comfort
Patience is indeed the greatest virtue. Mankind is predominantly impatient. Too fast, too soon, too eager, too determined to 'make it happen.' Along the way, however, enjoyable life pulsating energies slip through his/her experience...MODE of cosmic therapy
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