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I knew from working at the local paper that our sleepy town was not always sleepy so I knew observing our little town in the middle of the night was a perfect assignment for my feature writing class.
Analyzing the decrease in rural, small town population in India, lack of opportunities
Just a group of picture from the small city that I grew up close to, and where I went "to town" at for my youth.
If you are in the mood for a trip back in time, the vendors in Florence, Colorado would like to invite you to come spend a day with them. Nothing beats fresh air and a town filled with friendly smiles and collectibles galore.
Small segments of my comical yet somewhat boring life as a 23 year old freshly out of college and living with my crazy parents.. Sounding like a sitcom/reality show yeah I think so too...
Phil Campbell, Alabama, is a real place. People named Phil (or any variant) really are encouraged to come. This weekend the city puts on their annual hoedown. I couldn't be there this year, but am writing this article in honor of my namesake city just the same.
Whether a business has a social responsibility to the communities in which they operate is an element that seems to be missing from the business strategies for many companies. How do the businesses you know perform? Here are some thoughts on this critical subject, and you are invited ...
This is me. passionate , fun loving, and enthusiastic.
A proper form of teaching, one that will pave the way to a brighter more peaceful tomorrow.
The things everyone human being needs to know to be comfortable with living in a small town.
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