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Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from the company KGI Securities, known for its ties to the manufacturers of the supply chain, a new portion of shared predictions about the next generation Apple smartphone. According to the analyst, all three of the expected version of iPhone 8 will have wireless...
Smart watches or should I say "Wearables" are becoming very much the in-thing at the moment Last year it was "Activity Trackers" such as the Garmin Vivoactive, the TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio, the Polar Loop, the Jawbone UP2, the Microsoft Band 2 and the Fitbit Charge HR now it looks l...
Wait! Wait! Guys this is not what you are thinking. This Isn't an ordinary bracelet. This bracelet is a gadget. Yes, it has its own operating system, RAM, ROM. In fact this bracelet will going to be your latest virtual smartphone.
Hi! I don´t know, if anybody read my previous article about navigation for a car. In this short post I want to share with you, that I found out, that this GPS app is available also for smartphones (I don´t know if for all kinds but for my HTC surely) and even you can get the app und...
These are some of best radio apps for a smartphone. The following are the ones that use on my Android smartphone. I would think that the same apps would be available in an other markets like for iPhone.
Microsoft has announced the release date of his so far best known smartphone with Windows Phone.
In Indonesia, three-one android smartphones are available with the hitherto unknown version of Android 5.1. This is unexpected: in Germany, the last Nexus devices have just received the version 5.0.2.
What comes after the fitness trackers? The health data migrate into the cloud. They are centrally analyzed and tested. So glassy man has never been.
To write with ten fingers an email on your smartphone, one needs to have small fingers. For all other Logitech and Microsoft have chic Bluetooth’s keyboards.
Much has been said about the HTC One's camera having purple tint when taking pictures in lowlight conditions. Some claim that it started after the Android 4.3 update, thus a software issue. There are some who suspect that it is a hardware issue when heat burns the camera module. A cou...
People are always looking for ways to make an extra buck. Here is an interesting way RERERRAL CODE FOR A Half a dollar free - KPROHI
IP telephony continues as a replacement for the traditional analogue telephone line and ISDN by more and more. Many customers of the Internet and telephone-inclusive packages are already using VoIP, without knowing it. For in what way the router to which the phone is connected, establ...
Book review about Fabrice Flipo's article in L'Échappée Éditions: "mobile phone, gadget of massive destruction".
How fast do you actually surf over the wireless network? With the free app "4Gmark / PC WORLD network test" you find out.
A succinct review of the Nexus 5 one year after release. This article will go over how the device performs, how it has held up over time, and what its future looks like.
Two series of mobile phone output in 2000, Nokia 3310 and the Ericsson T28 will be redesigned into a smart phone.
Distributor Ingram Micro on Monday announced that it will start pre-booking Both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus will be available in three variants with storage capacities of 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.
iPhone 6 products of Apple Inc. has officially marketed to several countries. In general, the company set the price for the iPhone 6 start of the US $ 649, or about $ 7 million when there is on the market.
The process of dismantling the iPhone 6 are carried out by the tech site iFixit recently revealed a number of new things. One of the most interesting is, in the case cracks Apple's new smartphone was apparently covered by a rubber seal. This means the iPhone 6 has the ability to hold ...
iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus can already be sampled by the user in a number of countries. Page iFixit site known as ' dismantle ' sophisticated mobile devices directly related to the release of their latest report 'core' latest generation of smartphones made by Apple.
This is a full user review of the smash hit mobile phone Xiaomi Mi3 which is making headlines all over the world.
Micromax had launched a tablet It has all multimedia feature wifi is its 8 Inch screen with
Micromax Canvas Gold A300 now available online at Rs.23,999. It has a large 5.5-inch 1080p panel and a 2GHz octa-core SoC most likely a MediaTek solution. This is also coupled with 2GB of RAM.
Check this out! A new smartphone with amazing battery life and high performance
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