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My view on what a smile is, what it reflects both on you and the one who receives it and it's affect on your life as well as the one receiving it!
His Smiles Kills many Gals The world is modernising faster than yahoo
Smilers' follow me Only the cursed who live in a world of fantasy can't smile with me
To smile.Its not everyone's fortune to be able to smile but we should all try
Smiles for miles.Smiles come for free... but many aren't so lucky ...They feel more jealous as many smile for you and with you ....Just wait and see with me ...please...
Don't be so sad your not with your love right now. Can your heart smile again soon?
They who win ...must be beautiful ...handsome and people should die at first sight ...Smile is the added sugar mostly needed ...So if you are beautiful skip this and if you don't even smile then read this...
This is something we can all do that is absolutely free , and it can make all the difference to the one who smiles , and the one who receives a smile ..So why not try it !
Smile is a great asset that costs you nothing but enriches you greatly. It wins you everything. Do you make use of this asset for your success in life? Do you care to keep your teeth bright and make your smile shine?
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