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My view on what a smile is, what it reflects both on you and the one who receives it and it's affect on your life as well as the one receiving it!
The page will be focusing on new trends and updates in the world of technology and social media. The page will have new perspective about use of technology and social media in daily lives and will have various concepts focusing on technological advancements in day to day functions lik...
I have an important message for you this morning. You ready? Ok ...
Lending a sperm is just sharing seeds to uplift humanity and getting rid of eveil by producing a better breed Combination of X and Y genes fresh ones only
Anaconda vs anaconda ...anaconda vs Anaconda..Hope you all know what tis an anaconda...our males after which are females
Some guys have too many midnight wives theirs else guess
Sunsets are essential else the same population will continue to exploed and their kind unload We must have a different generation kind No!
Silent Smiles...In silence she smiles...thinking the whole world is bothered only of her
This topic page talking about everything that goes on and its news
His Smiles Kills many Gals The world is modernising faster than yahoo
Well, the deep mind cannot take a joke, so give it your deepest most serious ideas and goals repeatedly. I will give suggestions, but you must adapt them to your own life in an individual manner.
We are always buzy in this world but wait...listen what this poem is saying !!
Smilers' follow me Only the cursed who live in a world of fantasy can't smile with me
This poem shows us that even despite out outer sadness, our inner heart of love always carries God's smile upon its dial. Remember that every time that you feel sad. There's sadness in love until we learn to live from perfect love. It is the same with fear, we feel fear, until we le...
We course through life but soon are in the evening of it. What we need to fall back upon may elude us when young, but memories keep us company especially those of what we did to benefit others. One should keep that thought in the back of our minds even as we pursue our goals to give u...
While the rivalry of some brings hatred and fight, The rivalry of the characters in this content brings joys and laughter.
A poetry work on love 'he' can only desire but cannot have. The pain of loving only in 'his' thoughts.
Everyone enjoys cycling whether he is writers, poets, artists, actors or musician . This iron horse taught Ernest Hemingway about travel. Hollywood Stars even turn riding bicycle a fashionable trend, and every fashionista carefully chooses a vehicle that would be comfortable and styl...
The British made a bid in the amount of more than a million pounds, arguing about the name of the newborn princess.
She was intimidating, she was big, she was strange, and I was afraid of her. Not afraid that she would hurt me but afraid that I would disappoint her. I always disappointed her. I was 9-years-old and she was my mother. I hardly knew her.
Sometimes in the light of things big and small we lose count of our blessings and we begin to fall into the dark abyss, but all it take to climb out of such a shroud, is a kind smile from the one you love.
Culture has changed it's attitude about pictures, and smiles....and smiles in general over the course of the years.
If an accident leads to a good end, that means you have great luck, if a plan is beneath what will happen is a problem that no one can solve than your own self.
parents.. use CONDOMS This is a simple lesson for future parents teens too
The day I had a very good luck. Unexpectedly found a bag in the street.I like to watch others' happy appearance.Look at her sincere smile.Generous behavior let everyone is full of laughter.
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