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My view on what a smile is, what it reflects both on you and the one who receives it and it's affect on your life as well as the one receiving it!
Silent Smiles...In silence she smiles...thinking the whole world is bothered only of her
His Smiles Kills many Gals The world is modernising faster than yahoo
Smilers' follow me Only the cursed who live in a world of fantasy can't smile with me
This poem shows us that even despite out outer sadness, our inner heart of love always carries God's smile upon its dial. Remember that every time that you feel sad. There's sadness in love until we learn to live from perfect love. It is the same with fear, we feel fear, until we le...
While visiting his father at the hospital, Adam makes friends with a teenage boy who has no friends or family in the city.
Sometimes in the light of things big and small we lose count of our blessings and we begin to fall into the dark abyss, but all it take to climb out of such a shroud, is a kind smile from the one you love.
I don't if it is the smile I get while writing things like this, or its just the time I wasted in the effort that makes me do it, but I do it just the same.
To smile.Its not everyone's fortune to be able to smile but we should all try
Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference. Read how an elderly man spreads joy by doing a very simple gesture.
Smiles for miles.Smiles come for free... but many aren't so lucky ...They feel more jealous as many smile for you and with you ....Just wait and see with me ...please...
Remember Bobby McFerrin's song "Don't Worry, Be Happy"? Well, prance down your street, throw your arms in the air and shout "Smile, everybody!," because today, March 20, 2014 is International Happiness Day.
I get a kick out of a lot of things, and some things give me a high, I don't mean drugs or funny fags, I mean simple things like the smell of new mowed grass, this page asks you what makes you happy
Is your toddler hyperactive? It seems like he/she is never tired and keeps you going and going? Do you feel tired and believe you need a break?
It is lovely to take walks at this time of year when the light has a special quality. Today I went for such a one to the farmer's market and as usual was inspired by all around me. I hope you enjoy this little piece as much as I had writing it....namaste
Well this poem tells about how I feel about my poems and from where do I get inspiration to write such poems and what I describe in my poems.. :)
Prince Logan is finally here The family cheers The little prince with eyes blue as the sky He gives a faint little cry
Just a short entry into a personal diary. Topic: Smile
Don't be so sad your not with your love right now. Can your heart smile again soon?
A moment in time when the outside world cease to exist
Enchanting little fairies, playing with moonbeams and pixie gold
They who win ...must be beautiful ...handsome and people should die at first sight ...Smile is the added sugar mostly needed ...So if you are beautiful skip this and if you don't even smile then read this...
This is something we can all do that is absolutely free , and it can make all the difference to the one who smiles , and the one who receives a smile ..So why not try it !
This poem is to ask guys and gals to take a break and have a feeling ofhappiness within as they smile all day
Happiness is a state of mind, and it doesn't come with swanky cars, luxurious homes or wealth. It comes from within.
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