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Fire brigades are essential in combating fire in the modern society , if fire is caught in the go downs of inflammable articles or in the multi storied building. It causes havoc panic to the lives of the building and the adjo...
And wispy smoke that so gracefully curled Above the green young elms; to a sky If peace can be found in this fragile world The humble man might find hope here
By now, many stories are doing the rounds on the news about wildfires burning everywhere, killing people and animals, and causing damage even to celebrities.
Well, Father, Mother and I in our three cars, decide to return home. The flames seem to have burned past now, and if we can get through the smoke blanket at the bottom of the hill, we might be able to return home now as the fires have moved on to the South by now.
Ok, we can't see it but I think we quite found the rock garden now. Mother drove straight into the rocks with such force, that I'm scared that the car's air bags are going to pop out now and be in our faces, and we'll have to contend with those too!
Well, what are we going to do with our last moments? Mother and I are obviously not going to be alive much longer.
I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm in a situation in which the entire world around me is one thick, hot, lung-burning blanket of strong smoke.
Any city where dead people dwell is bound to carry with it, dark secrets, hidden histories, ghost stories, and forgotten tales. Such is the case with, St Georges churchyard, located in Schenectady, New York, where ectoplasm is a natural occurrence at the haunted churchyard cemetery th...
Country rock band A Thousand Horses has thundered onto the Nashville Music scene and is stampeding up the music charts.
I've no New Year's resolutions, but one or two cherished projects that I'll decide to put into practice on any month of the year.
simply difference between smoke testing and sanity testing in manual testing
Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health so you must quit smoking while it's not too late yet take care of yourself and don't shorten you own life.
I called it, way back in the day of April 30, 2013, on a site came to be known as the bubble-ooze. I'm moving it here: Who knew I'd ever say there were any politicians with a lick of sense? Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) and Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) are pushing for legislation to d...
Smoking is not good for health, both electrically and tobacco, eliminate smoking habits from an early age so as not to regret later on
What do you talk about during those regular smoke breaks that you are at liberty to take just when you want to?
In this chapter I show you the Talk of Mohamed of the Ten Big signs of the hour of the End. Then I will explain the fulfillment of two signs, The huge beast (Dapht) and the Smoke. But I will explain the other signs in next chapters.
Acupuncture has been used for thousand years to cure many diseases and illnesses. Acupuncture as quit smoking therapy method also great as alternative treatment to quit smoking.
What is the symbolic meaning of using those aromatic substances such as incense? When they are burnt smoke rises up. They exhale perfume during combustion and fragrance when these substances and spices are burned as an act of worship.
Firefighters rushed to the rescue of Thorn the bearded dragon. Feared dead, they managed to revive him with oxygen from a cylinder, kiss of life not used.
The confused thoughts and experiences of a maturing young man
This is a poem about the desperate call of a tree, slowly dying because of human beings careless ways. Deforestation will ultimately lead to global warming and will cause the slow death of planet earth. If trees had a voice to call out, this is what they would say - Why should I die? ...
Red Dancer, dancing in red, spinning around the stars
I recently purchased a nicolite disposable e-cigarette and decided to share my thoughts and first impressions.
Most people know that smoking causes lung cancer. But what else does it do?
This article gives the best and one and only top way to give up the smoking addiction.
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