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In conclusion, I hope that every father or mother or teacher to direct tips and lectures for each smoker chimney even quit smoking.
So many people are ill and dying from this terribly addictive weed and yet WHY DO PEOPLE FIND IT SO HARD TO QUIT. Hopefully, by the time you have finished reading this article, you will feel inspired to chuck out the cigarette box that is spending all your lovely hard earned cash and...
This article tries to summarise about how to get rid of smoking addiction and new technology, electronic cigarette benefits and popularity.
What make us addicted to cigarettes? How to stop smoking -- STEP ONE, How to stop smoking -- STEP TWO
Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, keep it safe and pure.
The whole page is about teenagers and their behavior pattern.
This article is about the history of smoking ,shamanistic rituals and the smoking trend today like cigarettes and marijuana
This article is about Smoking Using Shisha Hookah Pipes and Some of Its Side Effects
Smoking pot can be really dangerous for your nervous system if started before the age of eighteen. Smoking pot decreases your intelligent quotient (IQ).
This article gives the best and one and only top way to give up the smoking addiction.
this is the process i used to quit smoking, try it & review
Passive Smoking is also injurious to health. Smokers must avoid smoking in the public place
This page is about keeping certain manners in parties and function. We must avoid too much of drinks and smoke in parties.
Smoking is a well-known contributor to numerous diseases and conditions, such as throat and lung cancer, emphysema, and coronary heart disease. It is also dangerous to those around the smoker, as passive smoking can also trigger the same health problems. Read on to find out how to qui...
Smoking is injurious to health and causes lung cancer or throat diseases . Smoke also dangerous for the others around the smoker . Read this article to explore the ways to quit smoking .
Smoking: should it be banned completely? or should we only impose some restrictions on its use.
Smoking kills six million people every year around the world. It is a fact not mere imagination. More over it is a No. 1 silent killer. This has become a serous social problem specially among our youth.
Find out some risk about smoking, reasons for quiting and the how to prepare of quitting smoking.
Some facts about smoking and some other things tobacco manufactures hides from us.
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