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If you have never smoked, you will never understand the power smoking has over someone. You will never understand the joy of being able to quit. If you know someone who is trying to quit and failing, don't judge them and don't push them. Offer them love and support because that's w...
We all want the chance to make a new start, and use the new year as a starting place, but when you think about it, you can start to improve yourself at any time
Many people never acquire the desire to smoke. They are the lucky ones. When I was in high school and during the first few months after graduation, I didn’t want to be around cigarettes. This changed in only a few more months and remained a battle for many years.
Smoking is not good for health, both electrically and tobacco, eliminate smoking habits from an early age so as not to regret later on
The dangers of smoking become real when a heart attack happens. This true story illustrates how this bad health habit can be eliminated.
In conclusion, I hope that every father or mother or teacher to direct tips and lectures for each smoker chimney even quit smoking.
As a youngster I was a goody two shoes, but I picked up the habit of smoking. Fortunately, I managed to control my smoking, and at seventy five, I am still kicking to tell my tale.
One of the organ that is likely damaged due to the habit of smoking is lung. When suck the cigarette, the lungs will inhaling poison gas and eventually will be damaged. For that, the smoker is very important cleanse their lungs from dangerous substances which comes from cigarette smok...
Acupuncture has been used for thousand years to cure many diseases and illnesses. Acupuncture as quit smoking therapy method also great as alternative treatment to quit smoking.
This article tries to summarise about how to get rid of smoking addiction and new technology, electronic cigarette benefits and popularity.
The whole world concentrates only on the effects on smoking pertaining to the lungs. Is there more to cigarettes than meets the eye?
When teenagers satisfy their curiosity of smoking and drinking during their early years.
What make us addicted to cigarettes? How to stop smoking -- STEP ONE, How to stop smoking -- STEP TWO
Unfortunately for some of us silly people, we started a very bad habit at some point in our lives, smoking cigarettes, and then found out just how difficult it is to quit. I have read in several articles that quitting this nasty habit is as difficult, if not more difficult, than quit...
If you smoke, you are committing suicide one butt at a time...
How to smoke healthier? Or how to take care of your health while smoking? I know it seems a paradox, "healthy smoking" seems impossible, right? It is obvious that cigarettes and tobacco harms your health but nevertheless, it is possible to diminish the negative effects if we take into...
The whole page is about teenagers and their behavior pattern.
This article is about the history of smoking ,shamanistic rituals and the smoking trend today like cigarettes and marijuana
This article is about Smoking Using Shisha Hookah Pipes and Some of Its Side Effects
Most people know that smoking causes lung cancer. But what else does it do?
This article gives the best and one and only top way to give up the smoking addiction.
The shocking news is, now a days school going students are interested in smoking and started their smoking activities early as soon as possible..
Passive Smoking is also injurious to health. Smokers must avoid smoking in the public place
This page is about keeping certain manners in parties and function. We must avoid too much of drinks and smoke in parties.
Smoking is a well-known contributor to numerous diseases and conditions, such as throat and lung cancer, emphysema, and coronary heart disease. It is also dangerous to those around the smoker, as passive smoking can also trigger the same health problems. Read on to find out how to qui...
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