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The use and abuse of "hard" and "soft" drugs, the excessive consumption of alcohol and the smoking of cigarettes can all have serious medical effects on the individual. The statistical facts about addiction to each of these forms of self-indulgence are well known. But although most ad...
Studies are revealing that smoking can impair your memory.
What side of the debate to you stand on when it comes to smoking.
What do you do when a family member is sick and refuses to listen to medical advise. This situation becomes very hard on the family.
There are several conditions which can disrupt sleep and in turn affect a person's health or mental health. Today we will talk about restless leg syndrome.
I prepare to enter Junior High but I'm very concerned over my friend Noah.
I am sure glad that workplaces such as offices, shopping centers and factories are implementing smoke free environment in most countries. Smoke free work place and smoke free public places.
Talking about my daughter who smokes and how much I wish she would quit. Reasons why I wish she would quit.
Smokers have been told for decades that smoking puts them at risk for heart problems. Here is a study pointing to heart problems lessen when people stop smoking.
This is about examining your actual need for a cigarette and different ideas on how to go about quitting.
It has been my observation that boredom and nervousness and / or anxiety are major reasons for starting to smoke.
If you have never smoked, you will never understand the power smoking has over someone. You will never understand the joy of being able to quit. If you know someone who is trying to quit and failing, don't judge them and don't push them. Offer them love and support because that's w...
We all want the chance to make a new start, and use the new year as a starting place, but when you think about it, you can start to improve yourself at any time
Obesity, cancer, Smoking: With its own law, Hermann Grohe will see to it that common diseases are detected and beam earlier.
Wanna quit smoking but you just can't do it? Come on i'm gonna teach you how.
Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health so you must quit smoking while it's not too late yet take care of yourself and don't shorten you own life.
Smoking kills, so why do we do it? but help is at hand to help you to quit
How people respond to their beliefs, not to the facts nor reality
Smoking might not be cool any more, but some movie characters still make it look good.
Smoking is not good for health, both electrically and tobacco, eliminate smoking habits from an early age so as not to regret later on
One quality most centenarians share is an ability to not dwell on difficulties. Nutrition is a key element to living a healthy, long life. Fiber in your diet is extremely important, along with taking a daily multi-vitamin and physical activity, like walking three times a week can reve...
Due to daily habits people are falling in coronary diseases, with 3 steps we can avoid coronary infection the first is diat the second is avoid smoking and third is little walking.
The dangers of smoking become real when a heart attack happens. This true story illustrates how this bad health habit can be eliminated.
In conclusion, I hope that every father or mother or teacher to direct tips and lectures for each smoker chimney even quit smoking.
So many people are ill and dying from this terribly addictive weed and yet WHY DO PEOPLE FIND IT SO HARD TO QUIT. Hopefully, by the time you have finished reading this article, you will feel inspired to chuck out the cigarette box that is spending all your lovely hard earned cash and...
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